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 Welcome to the Lake Bonaparte Conservation Club's Website. Lake Bonaparte is a small lake of slightly less than 1300 acres located on the western edge of the Adirondack Park in northern New York State. There are approximately 350 homes and cottages on the surrounding shores although there is no development on the western edge of the lake as it is part of the Fort Drum Military Preserve. The Village of Harrisville is just a few miles from the lake and while it is very small it is friendly and welcoming. Although he referred to it as Diana and it was later known as Bona's Lake, our lake derives it's name from Joseph Bonaparte, former King of Spain and brother of Napoleon. He purchased 150,260 acres on December 21, 1818 when a deed was passed to an agent acting in his name. Later he had a road built to the shores of the lake and a log hunting lodge constructed. Joseph appealed to his brother to join him in the new United States but Napoleon declined. One can only imagine what changes in his and our histories might have transpired if he had decided otherwise. On July 11, 1960 a Certificate of Incorporation for the Lake Bonaparte Conservation Club was issued "to promote and cultivate the collective interest of property owners and others interested in Lake Bonaparte to promote the improvement of roads, fishing conditions, and to conserve the natural beauty of Lake Bonaparte and the surrounding area. The first directors of the new board were Donald Huller, Lester Hemings, Ellen Mason, Carlton Bartell, Verne Wicks, Gary Southworth, Doran Waugh, James Williamson and Clayton Redmond. Members of their families have continued, along with many others, their service to the lake and its community. We want to thank everyone who continues to work for the betterment of the lake and the lake community.

News & Events 8/28/2016

New Website!

The LBCC would like to announce the official launching of our new website!  It can be found at: .  We hope the new site will be more user friendly. This old site will be deactivated around Sept 1st. Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!

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Local News 9/28/2016

Nick Hillary Found Not Guilty Of Murder

That was Judge Felix Catena's verdict, ending Oral "Nick" Hillary's murder trial in St. Lawrence County Court....

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